Monday, 16 July 2012

SPECIAL GUEST: Abertillery Ladies Orpheus Choir

CW 12 is  pleased to welcome
ABERTILLERY LADIES ORPHEUS CHOIR who will be joining us on Monday 27th August at The National Botanic Garden of Wales.

The choir celebrated their Centenary last year and is said to be the longest running women's choir (without a break) in Wales.

Val Hatton from the choir said to our Creative Director,

If you think about life 100 years ago, when women were mostly at home managing big families, before the women's movement, it would really have taken something for these women to tell their famillies that they were going out every week to Choir.

Through 2 World Wars the women carried on meeting. During  WW2 the women made up packages for the soliders and still sang.

That is why we want to be part of Celtic Womenfest, to celebrate our togetherness and tell people about our history, as well as sing for them today and into the future.

A party of 54 will travel down from Abertillery to take part, singing a collection of Welsh and English Songs.

Creative Director, Cheryl Beer has worked with the choir previously,

I am thrilled that the Abertillery Ladies Orpheus are making such a huge effort to come and be part of the celebrations at The National Botanic Garden of Wales. Celtic Womenfest is a Platform for Women in Wales and it seems very fitting that a choir with such a long history in Wales should be joining us. All our performers are special, but Abertillery Ladies Orpheus Choir are  our very special guests indeed.

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