Saturday, 14 July 2012

CW12 Stand By Poetry Crews

Inbetween out Musical Acts, where appropriate, whilst the next artist is getting ready to perform, CW12 will give the opportunity for 5 minute spoken word slots from our standby Poetry Crews .

Some of these people are listed elsewhere with other hats on; musicians, workshops facilitators etc but here are those who not mentioned elsewhere:-

Donna Howell & Jayne Purnell

Both Donna & Jayne were part of TSP Voices in Trevethin, South Wales with Cheryl Beer as Musical Director, performing spoken word and song at many venues across Wales.

Local poets will join us:

Rachel Aukland

Pauline Selston

Dawn Passmore

Others have askled to take part in the Poetry Crews but our line up is full.

However, if you come to the CW12 Festival and bring your poems, make yourself known to me, Cheryl Beer, Creative Director (I'll be on stage presenting) and I will put your name on a reserve list.

I can't promise anything but if the opportunity arises then I will work my way through the reserve list.

Can't be fairer than that folks!

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