Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Moving On

Moving On ...
Over the last 5 years Celtic Women enabled me to reach over 300 women in West Wales offer 50 different free workshops with me, 3 free women's music festivals with over 50 acts in each and 2 Winter long Concert Series at the National Botanic Garden of Wales, A networking trip for 3 volunteers to go to Ireland with Coracle, and prime spots at The Promenade Festival, Tramore Ireland this Summer. CW has had close relations and support from local press and I have enabled scores of women to be interviewed and play live radio stations. I have run free on-line consultation and careers advice to countless women of many ages and different stages of their career. As I approach 50 next year I get a real sense that this is now my time, my friends.
In 2009 I started doing the research & funding applications for an idea I had called The Celtic Women Project. It led to a partnership I developed with Community Music Wales in 2010 that enabled my role to be funded because I had a desire to set up and direct a creative women's music platform within mainstream and integrated provision for West Wales. In 2011 the funding for my post ended but I have carried on.

However, I have come to the conclusion that it is now time for me to move on.
CW has grown beyond any of my expectations and your support over the 5 years has been AMAZING but truth is folks, I prefer organising small personal events where I can remain present as an Artist rather than huge events where I become an organiser over my craft. Today I have made the decision to be true to my heart and focus my energies on a new more personal journey.
I have been in touch with Pembrokeshire Women's Music Festival to see if they can offer opportunities for performance next year to those of you who have expressed a desire to perform, I have not heard back from them as yet, and off course there is Women in Tune still going string, but truthfully, if you want to make music happen in Wales and for women to be at the forefront of it, do like I did and make it so!
I am in the throws of developing my new more intimate model of sharing my own music and creativity with like minded friends in places that are sacred to me. 
Thank you to everyone who gave their love and positivity, warmth and generosity.
In particular I would like to thank ...
Sam Collins for being a volunteer right from Day 1
David Hardy who became our Champion
NBGW for their beautiful venue
CMW for the year grant
Artscare Gofal Celf particularly the Dance Dept/Laura
Coracle & Dom Williams
Tramore Tourism
Sean Corcoran for organising our Ireland trip from his end.
And each and every one of you for volunteering at the Event to help or sing or play or create or 'be'
Special thanks to:
Heather Summers for advice and guidance from the get go
Sarah Passmore who was my Youth Volunteer for a year and to her Mum who also came and helped.
To Bob Edwards for being Bob Edwards 
The list goes on and on .... you know who you are 
Oh and thank you to the little lad in my street who said to me when I was 12 years old, 'You're not pretty enough to be the lead singer so you stand at the back' ... mmm, we'll see about that! 
Take care folks!