Friday, 4 May 2012

Festival Patrons @ CW12: Heather Jones

CW12 is very pleased to welcome ... 

 Bi-Lingual Singer/ Song Writer

Heather Jones is one third of the ‘holy trinity’ of Welsh musicians (alongside Meic Stevens and Geraint Jarman).

Hardly surprising, then, that Goreuon Heather is a memorable collection of the nation’s cultural ambassador’s folk and rock material.

Ar ei halbym diweddaraf, ‘Enaid’, mae Heather yn cael cwmni Gwilym Morus a Gwyneth Glyn ar ddwy ddeuawd arbennig, ac mae’r cyfansoddwyr eraill yn cynnwys Ynyr Roberts, Geraint Jarman, Gwenno Dafydd, Hywel Gwynfryn a Meic Stevens.

Born and bred in Cardiff, Heather learnt Welsh as a second language, and has been at the forefront of Welsh folk singing in both languages since the 70s. She is not confined to one style, and can turn her vocal ability to the field of rock, ballad and blues with natural ease.

As a singer and composer, Heather has the ability to convey her personal experiences with intense candour. Her great strength is that she takes the art of singing seriously and always strives for the best. Heather is still captivating audiences throughout Wales with a style which emanates from a warm, witty and positive personality.

In 2005 Finders Keepers Records released the collection ‘Welsh Rare Beat’ that featured some of her early tracks: The Observer Music Monthly “recommended 10” (August 2005)

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