Thursday, 10 May 2012

CW12 Welcomes Established Artists

Alison Lenihan

Alison has a long and established music career with a beautiful big voice and bubbly personality to match, singing show tunes, blues, rock, in well known welsh based bands across the counrty and beyond. She is our answer to Janice Joplin!

Alison has also been a Radio Presenter for some years on Women's Bits Show at Radio Tircoed & there is talk of her venturing into TV

Amanda Painting

Her experience coupled with her classical training on the piano has given her the skill to explore and experiment with her varied styles and improvisations. Her vocal range has developed into a beautiful and natural sound which totally compliments her skill on the piano.

Someone once wrote of her ...  " sing like an angel and swing like the devil!"

Since 1985, Amanda has performed in some of the most opulent hotels all over the world. While many of these high class establishments require the sophisticated style of music at which Amanda excels, it would be remiss not to mention one of the main reasons for her numerous return bookings - her popularity. The root of this lies in her overwhelming warmth and charm, coupled with an incredibly sharp wit. With some 20 years of on the road experience under her belt Amanda feels that her humour has proved to be a valuable friend.

Amanda is also  Radio Presenter having worked for 3 years at RAdio Ceredgion and is currently touring her ner One Woman Show which combines her passion for music with meta physics.

Anne Lister

Anne has been writing songs ever since she can remember, and performing in UK folk clubs ever since she was first able to persuade a barman to serve her with orange juice.

Her work always attracts attention - songs which take myths and legends and weave them into a new relevance. Songs which pack a surprising emotional punch through the ancient tales. A simple, direct approach to performance, laced with liberal doses of humour and a close rapport with the audience. Entertaining and informative, with a careful blend of traditional and contemporary references. Celtic, Saxon, Norman and European plaited into one variegated braid - not a bad heritage!

                         Heather Summers

Initially a classically trained violinist, Heather also plays mandolin and percussion, in particular cajon, and combines many styles in her performance - folk, jazz, classical and Eastern influences. She has performed and recorded on both sides of the world in a number of world folk, contemporary and world music bands including Bull's Wool, Cardi, On The Edge, Scrape the Grape, Fireweb, and as a solo performer, Reel Fiddle.

Heather was one of the founding directors of Women In Tune, the longest running women only Festival in Wales, based in Lampeter:

26th & 27th August Bank Holiday

kindly hosted by
The National Botanic GArden of Wales

Creative Director: Cheryl Beer

Welsh Transaltion of this Blog is available by request from NBGW

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