Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Lowri Evans at The Celtic Women Concert Series

Lowri Evans will be performing in The Great Glasshouse at The National Botanic Garden of Wales, Sunday February 3rd at 1pm as part of The Celtic Women Concert Series.

One comes to know a good voice like an old friend. A voice so distinct and special that sings as easy as one breathes. The ear embraces them and notes dance like never before. Pembrokeshire born Lowri Evans’s voice is like part of the family in Wales, and her latest bilingual album, Dydd a nos, meaning day and night, will certainly extend that family way beyond the border.
Dydd a nos conveys the range of emotions and styles used by Lowri; from jazz, pop, country, folk and Americana and is Lowri’s fourth album, and her experience and musical maturity shines through. After performing non stop at Festivals such as The Green Man Festival, Wychwood Festival, Celtic Connections in Glasgow and The Acoustic Music of Britain Festival; performances supporting names such as Cara Dillon, Martin Simpson and Richie Havens; coming second in 2008’s Can i Gymru competition (Song for Wales); receiving a nomination for Welsh female artist of the year 2010 and making regular radio and television appearances, the album title also conveys Lowri’s busy lifestyle!
Dydd a nos is a delicate variety of songs that offer words of wisdom, such as ‘Rhywbeth gwell na hyn’ (Something better than this). “Don’t light a fire” tells a story of a relationship breaking down. ‘Torri syched (Quenching your thirst) deals with the challenges facing musicians when performing in noisy pubs. The sound of the ukulele and pedal steel guitar in ‘How do you do’gives us a taste of Hawaii and ‘Pob Siawns’ (Every chance) which reached the final 8 in 2010’s Can i Gymru (Song For Wales) competition, encourages the listener to make the most of every opportunity that life has to offer.
Previous releases include ‘Clyw Sibrydion’ (Hear Whispers) from 2006, recorded in the Welsh language and featured the popular track “Merch y Myny (Mountain Girl)” whilst for ‘Kick the Sand’ in 2007 Lowri decided to record mainly in English. In summer 2008 Lowri released a Welsh language EP “Dim da Maria (Not at Maria’s)” which featured her track “Ti a Fi (You and Me)” a song with which she came 2nd place in “Can i Gymru (Song For Wales)” earlier that year. A Welsh Christmas Single “Dagre yn yr Eira (Tears in the Snow)” was released in December 2008 this being the first release on the Shimi Records Label.“Disgleirio (Shining)” a 4 track Welsh language EP was released in August 2009 again on the Shimi Records Label and “One Way Ticket” her second full English language album followed in September 2009.
What makes Lowri Evans unique is her beautiful Welsh voice, distinctive and powerful delivering her highly original blend of blues, jazz, pop, country, folk and Americana. She has the wonderful ability to blend the two languages in both her live and recorded performances.

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