Monday, 17 December 2012

Irish Outcomes

Here is a list of the outcomes thanks to our Coracle funded trip to Ireland this weekend representing Celtic Womenfest.

Angela Mulkerns & Alex Caulfield for Cacamilis Cabaret are match funding with Cheryl Beer via The National Botanic Garden of Wales for an Irish young singer song writer to perform as part of the Celtic Women Concert Series on
January 6th 2013
at The Great Glasshouse in
The National Botanic Garden of Wales.

Suzanne Hughes Owen is kindly providing accomodation overnight for the Irish Performer at her Gallery flat in Llandysul

Angela Mulkerns and Cheryl Beer will be looking at working together through their publishing companies.

Cheryl will be liasing with Elizabeth Whyte regarding the installation of her forthcoming film exhibition of The Dragon Tree funded by The Arts Council of Wales via an Individual Mainline Grant

Danielle will be liaising with Alex and Helena to return to the Cacamilis Cabaret in her own right

Danielle will be performing at Suzanne's home in Llandysul on 19th January to raise funding for Wales:Kenya

Cheryl will match fund via The National Botanic Garden of Wales for Martina and Paula who performed on the same evening at the Cabaret to perform at Celtic Womenfest in August

Cheryl is currently negotiating a Busking Festival and will contact Wexford Improv Group that performed on the line up should this come into fruition. (they are hilarious!)

Cheryl will liase with Mairead Linnen to bring her exhibition the Dragon Tree to The Presentation Centre, Ennischorty.

Mairead is going to attend the Story Telling Trail that Cheryl is organising as Creative Director for The National Botanic Garden of Wales in April

Mairead is going to ask Caroline if she would like to also come and perform story and spoken word at the event.

Mairead is looking at coming with Cheryl as a volunteer to Belarus to work in the orphange with Leaves of Hope

Cheryl will be attending the Gealach Gorm Song Writing Festival with Angela Mulcahy and will pursue funding options to bring Danielle with her.

Cheryl is writing a song about the artist Edith Collier.

Cheryl will be taking The Dragon Tree Exhibition to Copper Coast Project in Banhoman.

Cheryl will find links for Angela in Wales to bring her new film about the Copperworks to Wales.

Suzanne and Cheryl have joined The Art Hand group page and Suzanne is pursuing links with Sean Corcoran to link to her arts and design course.

Deidre Starr and Cheryl will look at ways to bring her beautiful traditional singing to Wales.

Jean (??) a student on a correspondence course at Trinity approached Cheryl after the film in The Copper Coast Project and would like to come to the Celtic Womenfest to perform Spoken Word poetry. She will also link with Cheryl when she somes to Trinity to graduate in June.

Sean Corcoran has put a shout out on his facebook page to poets and singers to come to CW13 in August

The National Botanic Garden of Wales now have information displayed on Stena.

These seeds are just the beginning of what feels like the start of life long career friendships ...


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