Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Lorraine King joins the line up

Celtic Womenfest 2012 are very pleased to welcome Lorraine King to the line up ...

From singing, writing and performing to the production of plays and musicals for stage and screen it can be difficult to keep up. So pay attention!

She has performed her music and banter on BBC 1, BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio Wales, HTV and S4C, and won several song-writing awards.

She has written several screenplays and is also illustrating a children’s book about a character she has dreamed up that is indigenous to Wales, her homeland.
She has appeared all over the UK, Ireland and Canada and her music is loved by Welsh ex-pats all over the world as she writes songs about Wales but in the English language

Lorraine is a regular contributor to BBC Radio Wales ‘PAUSE FOR THOUGHT’ with her simple stories that convey her take on life, love and faith. She has also contributed to BBC Radio 2’s late night ‘THOUGHT FOR THE DAY’, and hosted her own series called THE MESSAGE.

She has co-written music for several Musicals, most notably ‘DYLAN’, which was a collaboration of playwright Tony Layton, writer Alun Gibbard, and musicians Colin Evans and Paul Phillipart. It was performed around the 50th anniversary of his death and Dylan’s daughter Aeronwy who attended the premiere commented that she had never cried over her father’s death and this musical caused her to weep. She stated that ‘This show must not stop here’.

Catch Lorraine at CW 12  on the Sunday afternoon ... 26th August

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